Hi All,
On my blog I recently wrote how I would love educators out there to collaborate in creating a piece of work relating to themselves. The idea is to begin to bridge student and teachers through the use of multiliteracies. We spend so much time together in education but never stop to reflect on who and where we are. This is the idea behind this.

The catch is that it has to be in six words and matched with a picture you take yourself. I am currently thinking of mine and brainstorming possible options and look forward to collaborating here together and gaining insights into each other through this collaboration and content creation. I would then love to see students have a go at this project and upload their work so that we can begin to gain insights to us as educators and more importantly insights into the students we teach. I would also love to know any budding musicians out there who might be able to create a soundtrack to our insights at some stage as well.

Some driving questions could be:
  • I am passionate about ...
  • What excites you about teaching?
  • What excites you about learning?
  • A teaching moment I loved was?
  • My lightbulb moment came when.....
  • I get up in the morning because....
  • I think teachers should be

Have fun !

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